What is Bond-A-Bridge?

It is a one visit, one hour system with 2 or 3 small parts that permits a dentist to replace 1-2  missing molars or bicuspids in one visit, one hour, with no surgery, at half the cost of
traditional alternatives.

Your Benefits as a Dentist

You get to treat many more patients with this simple method for replacing missing teeth at lower cost because of just one hour’s work and no lab fee.  It is does not require any surgery, and is done in just one visit.

The Benefit to Your Patient

The suggested patient cost is 50% of traditional methods-a big driver for new patients, yet dentist does extremely well for just one hour’s work.

  • FDA approved as a class 1 device.
  • So strong it withstands 10X normal chewing forces.
  • Over 8 engineering studies done at Universities and private firms
  • Sold to dentists in kits (Master kit, Intermediate kit, or Starter kit.
  • Absolutely minimal drilling of the 2 support teeth.
  • Per unit costs for the replacement structure are much less than lab cost.


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Before: Bond-A-Bridge™

After: Bond-A-Bridge™